Given that our partnership effectively allows us to control both the development and quality of our production, we’re able to maintain cost efficiency by curating specific — and scalable — solutions for retailers.”
— Dan Alpert, CEO of Oro Alexander

High-tech Jewelry Manufacturing

We’re much more than a wholesaler.

Oro Alexander directly works with a sister company, Orogems Manufacturing Ltd., which has ISO 9001 approved high-tech manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand — the prime center of the gemstone industry.

This first hand access to a manufacturing facility empowers Oro Alexander to control the entire supply chain, as well as satisfy our customers’ production needs on every level.

Our Facilities

Ensuring commitment to the best of quality — from the inside out.

Our sister company, Orogems Manufacturing Ltd. in Bangkok, is committed to safe and quality craftsmanship. To accomplish this, they don’t just invest in their facilities — they invest in their people. Providing welfare and education, and promoting from within.

In addition to the health and safety of its employees, Orogems is equally committed to using only conflict-free material in its production process, and fully complying with all applicable Thai and International environmental laws and regulations. This includes being audited and certified as a “green factory.”

All of our employees go through a detailed training process, learning the fundamentals of our operation from the ground up. Over time, we’ve found that we can ensure better quality control when our team is happy, loyal and empowered to grow with us.”
— Jean-Luc Michel, Orogems Factory Manager.