State of the Art Support & Fulfillment

We're the perfect omni-channel sales partner.

At Oro Alexander, we recognize the growing need for an omni-channel retail presence.

The jewelry market’s constantly evolving changes in consumer behavior, best exemplified by the rapid increase of online jewelry sales year to year, demands traditional brick and mortar retailers to be quick to adapt in order to thrive.

To help capture greater market share and increase overall customer satisfaction, our team of experts provides retailers with  powerful advice and insight on specific fulfillment procedures. Through this, we empower retailers toexpand and leverage both their online presence and brick and mortar locations for growth.


Our Expertise

In business since 1979, we’ve spent more than 30 years learning how to drive our customers’ profits. Working directly with buyers, our expert team uses data analysis to project how quickly a style will sell; Helping retailers meet their sales and margin goals.

Additionally, our expertise lends itself to

  • Increasing Your Omni-Channel Presence
  • Logistics Management (to satisfy customer demands)
  • Product Photography
  • Data + Projected Sales Analysis


Our Capabilities

When partnering with Oro Alexander, you can leverage our technology and logistics infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business. We pride ourselves on our ability to receive, fulfill, and ship stock orders within two business days — 98% of the time (96% within the same day). We also assure our clients a reliable and scalable process to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our highly knowledgeable support team caters to a wide range of fulfillment related needs, including:

  • Lab Certification
  • Direct Importing
  • Consumer Drop Shipping
  • Private Label Packaging
“We will make every effort to ensure the highest quality of products, with reliable on-time delivery and customer service to all of our valued partners.”
- Danny Alpert, CEO of Oro Alexander